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Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. on  the last Wednesday of the month in the conference room at the municipal building.  Residents and guests are welcome to attend and share their thoughts and suggestions.

Ernie Lamos, Chair
Jennifer Tuthill, Vice Chair
Merry Ruggirello, Secretary
George Whittaker
Tom Larson
Steve Whitman
Ronald MacLean
Kim Sharp, Alternate 
Robert Piehler, Selectboard Representative

To contact the Conservation Commission:
e-mail: alexandrianh@metrocast.net
Phone: 603-744-3220
Mail: 47 Washburn Road, Alexandria, NH 03222

Pleaes visit us on our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/alexandrianhcc

Minutes from meetings:
ACC Minutes November 30, 2016

ACC Minutes May 25, 2016

ACC Minutes April 27, 2016

ACC Minutes March 30, 2016

ACC Minutes March 2, 2016
ACC Minutes January 27, 2016

ACC Minutes January 13, 2016
ACC MInutes December 2, 2015
ACC Minutes October 28, 2015

ACC Minutes September 23, 2015

ACC Minutes August 26, 2015

ACC Minutes July 22, 2015

ACC Minutes June 24, 2015
ACC Minutes May 27, 2015
ACC Minutes April 29, 2015

ACC Minutes March 25, 2015
ACC Minutes February 25, 2015
ACC Minutes February 4, 2015
ACC Minutes December 10, 2014
ACC Minutes July 30, 2014
ACC Minutes May 28, 2014
ACC Minutes April 23, 2014
ACC Minutes February 26, 2014
ACC Minutes January 22, 2014
ACC Minutes January 13, 2014
ACC Minutes December 3, 2013
ACC Minutes October 31, 2013

To view the completed Natural Resources Inventory CLICK HERE.
To view the Natural Resources Inventory presentation from May 21, 2013, please CLICK HERE

Alexandria Town Forest
In March 2015, the Town voted to make 55 acres owned by the Town on Hutchins Hill Road, known as the Pitman Lot, a town forest, with the Alexandria Conservation Commission as stewards.  The Conservation Commission will discuss and plan for further activities in the forest once surveying is complete.  
Alexandria Town Forest Facts & History
Information about John Pitman, previous owner of what is now the Pitman Town Forest

Other Information:
Newfound Lake Watershed Master Plan: GIS Technical Report
Newfound Lake Watershed Management Plan Implementation: Phase II 
Newfound Lake Watershed Map
Newfound Lake Watershed Map: Alexandria
Newfound Lake Watershed Map: Bridgewater
Newfound Lake Watershed Map: Bristol
Newfound Lake Watershed Map: Groton
Newfound Lake Watershed Map: Hebron