Health Officer


Michael Provost, Health Officer

Contact info:
Town of Alexandria 
47 Washburn Road, Alexandria, NH
Phone: 603-744-3220
Fax: 603-744-9461


The Health Officer is responsible for three critical functions. The first is to enforce applicable New Hampshire laws and administrative rules (i.e. regulations), as well as local ordinances and regulations enacted by your community. The second critical function is to serve as a liaison between state officials, local elected officials, and your community on issues concerning local environmental and public health. The third is to be a leader and active participant in efforts to develop regional environmental and public health capacities. These roles have become more important than ever as our state faces continuing outbreaks of disease and demands greater emphasis on public health emergency preparedness. 

As part of my duties as Health Officer, I inspect foster homes, day care facilities, septic systems, rental housing, dilapidated housing and nuisance complaints such as garbage. I also serve as liaison between the state officials and the local community on issues concerning local public health such as private well testing. Remember, spring is the best time to test your well water.

For information on the roles and responsibilities of Town Health Officers, see Chapter 128, which is part of the New Hampshire statutes on public health.

Additional Links:
State Health Department

Do you or a family member have special medical needs, i.e. oxygen, or special transportation concerns, i.e. limited mobility that would require special assistance in an emergency?  It’s important for you or a loved one to advise the Town’s first responders so that in the event of a natural disaster, man-made disaster, emergency or “shelter in place” so that they will be better able to assist you.

The EMD (Emergency Management Director), Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department Chief and Health Officer have made available an Access and Functional Needs Form.  This form will be available at the Selectmen’s Office and on the Town’s website.  CLICK HERE for form .  This information will be kept confidential and used for local official use only in the event of an emergency.

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