Town Forest


The Alexandria Town Forest is a 55-acre parcel of property located on Hutchins Hill Road in northern Alexandria. The property was formally known as the “Pitman Lot” as it was owned and worked by the Pitman family. With the passing of John Pitman in 1981, the property was deeded to the town of Alexandria with the understanding that it would become a town forest for the enjoyment of the residents of the town. At the town meeting in 1986, the town voted to accept the property for that purpose.

The property remained vacant and unattended until 2014, when the Alexandria Conservation Commission became involved with a plan to transform the property into a true “town forest” for people to enjoy the natural beauty of the  area and learn some of its history. During the Commission’s initial planning process for the town forest, it was discovered that there was no record of the original acceptance of the property in 1986, and a second vote was taken in March 2015 to be sure that the town did, in fact, want a town forest and to approve the Alexandria Conservation Commission to manage the property for that purpose on behalf of the town.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the Alexandria Town Forest. Pamphlets providing additional information are available at the town office located at 47 Washburn Road and on our Facebook page at: Enjoy your visit and be respectful of the environment and those with whom you share it.