Barrett Park

Barrett Park is a 20-acer parcel of property owned by the town, located just north of Foster Pond on Bog Road. The park is named in honor of Kate Barrett, long time resident of Alexandria and co-founder of the Alexandria Conservation Commission.

We invite all our residents and guests to visit Barrett Park and take advantage of all it offers. As with any public facility, we ask that visitors be respectful of the area and help us keep it in pristine condition by not littering the area and taking care to preserve the habitats that support the unique ecosystems that populate the area.


Town Forest

The Alexandria Town Forest is a 55-acre parcel of property located on Hutchins Hill Road in northern Alexandria.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the Alexandria Town Forest. Pamphlets providing additional information are available at the town office located at 47 Washburn Road and on our Facebook page at: Enjoy your visit and be respectful of the environment and those with whom you share it.

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